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About WOOD

How did WOOD form?

In 2011, property developers Primetower announced that they were planning to build a large housing estate in the middle of Winterslow - 150 houses, sited on the field which runs from the Village Hall towards the shop.
An open meeting was held by Primetower and Savills , where it became apparent that an overwhelming majority of local people were strongly opposed to a scheme that would destroy the rural nature of our village.  As a result of this, a group was formed calling ourselves WOOD (Winterslow Opposed to Over Development)  to give a voice to these concerns.

What has WOOD been doing since if formed?

Since that time WOOD  has been working to prevent such a large development, looking for ways to develop Winterslow as an ambitious and forward-looking village community BUT without suddenly transforming it into a small town.  We are NOT opposed to ANY development in Winterslow, only to OVER development.
This  is illustrated by the fact that we have not opposed any other development since our foundation and that we have asked to meet  with Primetower to explore with them the possibility of a smaller scale development on this field, more in keeping with the aspirations of most of the village. 
However the developers have recently written to the Parish Council arguing for a “larger development” on the field and have so far declined to meet with WOOD.

Why are WOOD applying for a “Village Green"?

WOOD has been investigating various ways to protect this field from any large scale future developments.   We would much prefer to work with the developers to produce a scale of development that would be acceptable to the village but the developers have adopted an ‘all or nothing’ approach, refusing to negotiate.
In this climate, WOOD has taken advice from a number of organisations includingthe The Open Spaces Society which has resulted in WOOD applying to Wiltshire Council to designate the field as a Village Green, which would preserve its character as open land for the benefit of the community.  Wiltshire Council has
issued an initial report, recognising that the field has been enjoyed by villagers as a communal resource for more than twenty years. In order to test the evidence that we have submitted to support this application, Wiltshire Council will be holding a Public Inquiry in the village, at present  planned to start on November 25 at Barry’s Field Sports Ground.

We recognise that some in the village, while not wanting this potentially damaging and huge development in such an inappropriate location, have reservations about designating this land as a village green since it would limit useof the land by its owners (who would continue to own the field).

However, until the Neighbourhood Plan is completed (which would ensure that development is in line with how Parishioners want Winterslow to develop), we are faced with this one option if we are to prevent a large development taking place that would permanently damage the rural nature of our village.