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Winterslow Opposed to Over Development

NEWSFLASH: The Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday August 11 has moved.
The meeting will now be held in the table tennis room at the Village Hall at 7.30.
The Neighbourhoold Plan Chairman will be presenting the results from this questionnaire at this Parish Council meeting so that councillors have the latest community data before making final decisions about their input to a Wiltshire Council consultation on potential future development sites in the Parish.


In 2011, Primetower proposed a large scale development which met near-universal opposition and led to an ongoing campaign from WOOD (Winterslow Opposed to Over Development).

Primetower has now proposed a much smaller development of 46 dwellings.

WOOD welcomes the reduced scale of the development, but has a number of concerns including how the road infrastructure would handle the extra traffic from the development.

If you would like to help us to ensure that Winterslow retains its rural character, please contact us.