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Nov 9, 2014

“Larger development” for Winterslow

When Primetower and Savills received near-universal opposition to their plans for a large scale development, many people hoped that the response had put them off.

Sadly, recent events have shown that this is not the case and we are now reaching a point where the future of our village is about to be shaped:

- Primetower wrote to the Parish Council on 5 September 2014 arguing for a ‘larger development’.

- Contract for Sale on the field dated May 2009 to Primetower.

- Recent feedback given to the Neighbourhood Plan showed 85% had stated that the plan should "Not permit high density (suburban style) development”.

- WOOD has submitted an application for the land to be registered as a Village Green, which would protect the land from a large scale development.

- WOOD has also contacted Primetower and the land owners requesting discussions on the scale of the development, as an alternative to registering it as a Village Green.

- Primetower reported to the Parish Council that their development plans have been delayed by WOOD's claims to
'formalise footpaths on the site and to register it as a Village Green'.